Ram is a male version of me – Hard Kaur

With every performance, this hot chic from Punjab has left everybody speechless and stunned. We are talking about none other than British rapper Hard Kaur.THIS Punjabi kudi who was actually been and brought up in the US and UK and is now shaking her leg in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 (Sony, Friday-Saturday, 9pm) has garnered excellent marks from the judges and numerous votes from the viewers.
How has been the journey so far in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3?
It has been brilliant till now… When I signed Jhalak, I thought aiwee hi thoda bahot bollywood hoga but now I am very happy because I am getting to learn so much. Most importantly, I feel a choreographer is very important. When they gave me Savio, I was more than happy.

How is the co-ordination between the two of you?
Well… there is no ladaai, no kissing (Laughs).We both know that he is there to teach and I am there to learn and we try our best to give in our best to whatever we do. Savio is an amazing choreographer and we both will keep entertaining all of you with our outstanding performances.

You have been brought up in the US. So how did you manage to keep in touch with Bollywood there?
Everyone there had cable television there and all channels used to come there. During my time that is during the early 90’s Kishoreji’s songs were very popular. Pop wasn’t that popular that time. I was in school but then dance was always there in my blood.

How have been the reactions of all your friends from UK after watching you on Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa?
They all have loved it especially my brother. He called me immediately after my first performance and said, “I thought all this will be crap but after I saw you, I was shocked… You rocked babes!” But my mom is very critical, rather I would say that she is the best critic and that’s what motivates me to perform better. But the sad thing is that my friends in UK can’t vote…

Were you interested in dance right from the start?
Right from when I was small, my mom has made me to learn all types of dances. I’ve learnt Bharatnatyam, Balley, Kathak and many others. In 1995, I started with music.

How did you manage to keep a track of Bollywood in UK?
As I said earlier, I always had craze since I was small. When I shifted to UK initially, there were not many Indians there. But I tell you the truth; today Indians don’t lack in anything… in fact wo sabse aage hain. Slowly and gradually I realized that even if you are an Indian and you are staying abroad, you don’t need to get scared of anything. Now times have changed completely, Bollywood has westernized a lot now and people there follow it that way and so did I.

Who are your favorite singers with whom you would like to collaborate here in India?
There are many to name… Lata ji, Asaha Bhosle, Sukhwinder, Shaan, Raahat Ali Khan and many others. I would love to work with all of these.

How is the atmosphere in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa House?
It’s real fun! Everyone knows that it’s a competition and everyone is busy dancing. I enjoy to the fullest as I am the same on and off stage. All of them are good friends but Ram, Anand Raj Anand, Mohinder ji, Bhaichung are great buddies. Ram toh is just like me, he’s a male version of me! (Laughs)

Have you broken any of the rules of the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa house till now?
No, no… we are very honest. We haven’t broken any till now and will never break in future too.

Who decides on your costumes?
It is collectively decided by Savio and me. Actually it depends on the song and the theme.

Who do you think is your toughest contender?
Among the girls, it is Shilpa because she is a great dancer and Ram is equally good amongst the guys.

How would you now rate yourself after two performances?
Earlier I was 6/20, now I am 11/20 and I’ve go till I become 50/20!

Any plans to get into acting?
I’ve been offered many roles in acting but they weren’t my type. I don’t want to end up doing rain dance types of roles… I took up Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa because it was a different type of reality show and the same rule applies for acting too.

Report BY: Vandana Shukla

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