Mohinder Amarnath gets eliminated from Jhalak

This cricketer turned dancer has proved that he can burn up the dance floor as well as anyone else in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa (Sony TV). But sadly, Mohinder Amarnath who always grew with his every performance finally got eliminated last week. He spoke to us on his elimination…
How your journey in Jhalak been?
It has been very nice and I’ve enjoyed every moment there. I made a lot of friends there who I will mss as much as the dancing. Every moment there was very memorable.

Do you feel that you didn’t have enough time to prove yourself?
I firmly believe that harr cheez ka ek waqt hota hai. Fate plays a very important part in everything. My main focus was my dancing and if I had dreamt of going further it would have been just that… a dream.

What do you think went wrong?
Nothing! I did whatever was within my capabilities and tried to prove myself the best I could.

Did you expect to get eliminated?
Every week someone has to go, this week it was my turn. I don’t particularly believe the face-off round. I feel that the person who got the least number of votes should be eliminated.

How has your co-ordination with your choreographer Lilian been throughout?
I am very thankful to Lilian, it is all because of her patience that I have been able to learn so much. She has the capability to teach anyone anything. Personally I feel that Lilian’s future is very bright and through all the patience which she has she will become a star one day.

You amazing energy levels was always appreciated by the judges and the audiences, what do you have to say about this?
Throughout I have never thought about the results, I’ve just believed in going above my capabilities and perform. Dance is a very strenuous job and rehearsing for about 3-4 hours everyday was my aim.

What will you miss about Jhalak?
I got used to Jhalak, so firstly I will miss the routine. When I was rehearsing I forgot about everything else and all my worries vanished! I’m really happy I got to be part of the show and got the chance to make wonderful friends like Hard Kaur, Gauhar, Ram, Anand Raj Anand and many others, who I’ll stay in touch.

Did you ever break any rules of the Jhalak house?
Being a sportsman, I am bound to be disciplined! I believe in discipline and I also believe that time is very important part of our life. Hence, I didn’t break any rules.

After three weeks at Jhalak, how would you rate yourself as a dancer?
Well, I can dance very well now. I understand the beats and the rhythm and I know the basics. I’ve developed a much better understanding of music.

What all have you learnt dancing wise?
I’ve learnt basics of samba, salsa, rock and roll and the biggest thing is that I’ve learnt how to match my steps with the rhythm and beat.

What have you learnt apart from dance?
One thing which I’ve learnt is that regardless of age, you can learn anything from anyone. Also one thing which I really liked here is the feeling of togetherness which all the contestants share. I haven’t carried a feeling of negativity from Jhalak.

If given a chance, would you like to come back in Jhalak as a wild card entrant?

Who do you think deserves to win?
I would say that Hard Kaur is the girl who should win because she is excellent in terms of energy, footwork, expressions and rhythm too. Efforts and how you perform on the dance floor is very important. Maintaining the rhythm is crucial.

Will we see you participating in any other reality show in the future?
I don’t know anything as of now but it will all depend on my commitments. I’d love to take on the challenge again.

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 airs every Friday and Saturday at 9pm on Sony TV.

Report By: Vandana Shukla

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