‘I have broken all records of Idol’ – Sourabhee Debbarma

The Grand Finale of Indian Idol 4 ended with Sourabhee Debbarma winning the crown. Yes, she has definitely broken the record by becoming the first girl to win the tag of Idol and currently is on cloud nine as Telly Buzz had a chit-chat with her.Read further to know her journey as Telly Buzz talks to her…
How does it feel to be the First Female Indian Idol ever?
I have become the first female Indian Idol and it’s great, as I have broken all records (grins). I really feel proud and very happy. I wanted to win for my parents and the people who supported me. They even went for a campaign for two days leaving their work. I was obliged with their gestures.

What was your first reaction as soon as your name was announced?
As soon as that frame was sent down, we were wondering as to what will happen. When John opened it, I saw my photo but didn’t know how to react as I was confused whether the frame had the picture of the winner or the runner-up (laughs). But finally it was the winner and then there were no words to express my feelings.

You have been a stage stealer with consistent performances in Idol. Who do you attribute your success to? Many felt Rajdeep Chatterjee could have given a tough fight if he was in the Finale. Do you also feel so?
Yes, even I feel that he should have been in the finals. It all happened because of the voting system. Definitely something was lacking in his performance that didn’t click with the janta. Though I feel he was a deserving contestant and should have been here with us.

How confident were you about winning the tag of Indian Idol 4?
To be frank enough, I was 95% confident that I will be the winner. Even in one of the episodes, judges said that I deserve the trophy and even janta supported me by showering their votes. Even with all the confidence to back me up, just before the final announcement, I felt as though I was about to get a heart attack, but then was surprised (laughs)

Tell us about your journey from auditioning to winning?
All I can say is that it was totally different. When I entered auditions I was nobody, but now when the show is finished I’m well known. I thought it was fine if I got eliminated when people started recognizing me, but I never thought I will end up being the winner. My main ambition was that people should recognize me and my voice, and now I have achieved it. I would like to thank all the people who have helped me.

What is next for you?
I really don’t know as I have not yet come to terms with the Idol success. I don’t know what my destiny and future has in store for me. For now I have a contract of one year, so will be doing lots of stage shows.

Report By: Rachana Trivedi

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