Tina thrilled with jobless Hussain

While most wives would be troubled at their husband’s lack of work commitments, Tina Kuwajerwala is thoroughly enjoying Hussain’s unemployment. That’s because after Kumkum (Star Plus) and Indian Idol wrapping up, Hussain has finally got a chance to spend time with his wife – something he hasn’t really done for the past three years since they have been married.BECAUSE the couple works in the hectic television industry, they are welcoming Hussain’s break from work as an opportunity to rekindle the magic of their courtship. An excited Tina says, “I have been telling everyone that I have got my husband back! We dated for many years and even after being married for three years, we hardly got to spend any quality time together. After we married, he said that he would not shoot late, but would still come back at 9.30pm. He would be so tired that we would barely manage to go out.”

Tina and Hussain now try to spend as much time as they can together, even though Tina has to still see to her boutique. She says, “I have to go there but since there are people to take care of it, I can now take offs to spend time with him. We go to gym together, go swimming or play badminton. The other day, he took me for long drive to Lonavala and we stayed there. This is what I had been missing. Earlier I used to spend my time with friends but having your partner with you is very nice.”

Tina says that she and Hussain have also planned a special get away with their friends from the industry. She adds, “We will be going to Ladakh for a week. Fortunately or unfortunately, most of the people from our group of friends were on shows which have wrapped up. We call our group the vela group, as we are all free. I tease them saying that they are unemployed and I am the one working. Shilpa and Apoorva (Agnihotri), Amit Sareen and his wife, Ritu Chaudhary and her husband and Sai and Shakti Anand will be going with us in the first week of April.”

Tina celebrates her birthday on March 30. About her wish list, she says, “On Hussain’s last birthday he got a car so this year he can buy me a car. Jokes apart, he says that it is difficult for him to buy me gifts because he does not know anything about clothes or jewellery. So I am not expecting anything but I am sure he will get me something sweet.”

As for plans of the couple extending their family, Tina says, “Family pressures are there for a baby but since, for the last three years, we didn’t get much time together, we will plan for a baby next year. That’s for sure.”

Talking about Hussain’s work, Tina says that he is looking out for new options. “He has been doing a daily for seven years now so he does not want do the same stuff again. He has hosted too and is not completely against TV. However, he will only accept an offer that is unique. Unfortunately, his film has been delayed. We have been offered the reality show Dancing Star but so far we have not said yes. He has already just finished one reality and wants to check whether the audience wants to see us together again,” she says.

Report By: Sonali Josh

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