Southside inspiration

Ekta Kapoor’s serials are off air (Kyunki, Kahaani, Kasam Se), but she’s using the lull period to prepare to strike back on the television scene with a bang. She is working on two mega serials on the lines of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, which catapulted her to cult status in the TV industry. The serials will be Hindi remakes of successful Tamil soaps, Kolangal and Thirumathi Selvam.Though no one at Balaji Telefilms is willing to go on record regarding the sizeable Southside deal, a reliable source from the television industry said, “Kolangal and Thirumathi Selvam are like the Kyunkii… and Kahaani… of South. These are the most popular shows in Tamil.

Ekta wants to use them as launch pads for her new innings. And for the first time, Ekta will make no changes in the characters or the plot. According to her, the scripts are flawless.”

Kolangal, the long-running marathon soap, has often been described by its truckloads of disapprovers as the Kyunkii of the South. Just like Ekta’s Kyunki, Kolangal is a family saga about an all-sacrificing Abhinaya, known as the Tamil Tulsi and her travails within her business family. Right now Ekta is busy casting for both the serials with known and unknown faces for a television channel other than Star Plus.

But why did Ekta go down South? The source elaborated, “For a long time, Ekta has been hunting around for material for soaps in the South. In 1999, she wrote a Tamil serial, Kadambam herself as she couldn’t find a writer. Later, she remade it into Hindi as Ghar Ek Mandir. Later, a lot of serials from the South found their way into Hindi television. But, while other TV producers picked up South shows at random, Ekta bided her time.

Ekta handpicked these two serials personally after she saw many serials. When her research team showed her Kolangal and Thirumathi Selvam, Ekta knew her search for comeback material had ended. She immediately flew down to Chennai and bought the rights from the producer Vikatan.”

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