Neha inspired by Chameli

Neha Desai, who is seen playing Payal in Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki (Sahara One), will be seen in a new role- that of a prostitute. The versatile actress tells us about the part and the trouble she went through to convince her parents to let her portray the character.“This is the first time that I am playing this sort of role so I had to do a lot of research. Till now, I’ve only been playing bubbly dubbly roles,” says Neha, adding, “I’ve seen many movies like Chameli, Pretty Woman and also Aamir (because of that one scene). I’ve tried to pick up small things from these films. I’ve keenly observed the walk, the body language and the clothes worn.”

The actress says that she has had a tough time convincing her parents about her decision to take on the role. She adds, “Of course when I told my parents, they were not happy. There are a few things which they aren’t comfortable with. When they saw me for the first as a prostitute, they didn’t like it but later they appreciated me for my work.” At the same, Neha has decided that she will not do similar roles in the future.

She tells us there were certain sequences which she wasn’t comfortable doing. “There was a sequence where I had to wear a nightdress and lie on the bed. I wasn’t very comfortable with that and my production people immediately took action. So afterwards, I did the scene with a blanket covering me and was fully clothed underneath.”

Desai is at ease dancing but when it came to dancing in her streetwalker role, it was quite a task. She says, “I am very okay with Bollywood dancing but dancing in a kotha, with so many drunken people around, is a very difficult task.”

Neha’s role as a prostitute was supposed to be a cameo. “Initially, when I was signed, they told me that it would be a cameo but now it’s a full length role. Thankfully, the responses have been wonderful, by God’s grace,” says Neha.

Neha’s role was first aired last Monday and her identity was revealed on Friday.

Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki airs at 9pm from Monday to Thursday on Sahara One.

Report By: Vandana Shukla

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