The Delhi-fix

Though Anisha Kapoor, who plays Gauri, the second lead in Zee TV’s Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, has joined the serial recently, it seems like the production house, Shakuntalam Films, cannot do without her. When Anisha took leave from work for almost a week to attend a family wedding in Delhi, the production house had to fly down their team to shoot Anisha’s close-up shots, to maintain her character’s continuity in the serial.Confirming the news, Anisha said, “My track in Dulhann has just begun as the main protagonist Divyaa (Divyanka Tripathi) is in coma. My character Gauri will now take care of the baby.

Hence the production team had to come down to Delhi to shoot my close ups. For other shots, my body double was used. I have resumed shooting from today.”

But wasn’t this arrangement troublesome for the production house? Anisha replied, “From the outset, I had made it very clear that I would be taking a week off for my cousin’s marriage in Delhi.

This was even before I signed the contract. As the date of the wedding was nearing, I reminded them to can extra portions. At that time, they had said that it was not needed. However, just when I was about to leave for Delhi, they said that there are no bank episodes left and hence I should skip the wedding. However, I held my ground.”

Apparently, the production house did not expect Anisha not to bow down to their demands and went scurrying for a replacement. Shyam Bhattacharya, producer, Shakuntalam Films said, “Yes, we were thinking of replacing Anisha.

Though we had no issues with Anisha as such, it was a very tricky situation from our end as her role was integral to the current track. So we shortlisted a few names, but the channel was not okay with a replacement.

Eventually we sent a small team consisting of camera man, light man, sound recordist and assistant director to can Anisha’s close up shots.”

Report By: Runna Ashish Bhutda

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