Sara Khan Hospitalised..

Bidaai’s Sara Khan was hospitalised recently following complaints of a severe stomach ache. The actress was performing for the Nach Finale when she began to feel sick. As a result she was admitted in the hospital for three days. Her beau Ali Merchant gave us the details. “On Monday she had a late night shoot of Bidaai. We even rehearsed for some time in the evening for Nach and then during our performance, she suffered from a very bad stomach ache..We think she pulled a muscle. I guess it happened as there were many lifts in our dance,” says Ali.

The doctor has advised the Bidaai girl to take adequate bed rest and has warned against any exertion. “The doctor has told her to take it easy for the next 15 days. she is has been told not to dance and jumo around. She is not supposed to over exert herself, to avoid heavy and junk food,” informs Ali.

After being in the hospital for 3 days, Sara was discharged over the weekend. But unable to look after herself, MErchant syas that she is currently with him. “She’s staying at my place presently and my mom is taking care of her. She carries her dabba from home and doesn’t eat anything on the sets.”

The Bidaai girl is now back to work as she has a busy schedule. “Nowadays she shoots for 12 hours instead of 18 hours a day and she even takes rest between the shots. Rajanji is very sweet and caring so he takes special care of her,” informs Ali.

The duo swirled to the tunes of Nazre Milana Nazre Churaana from the movie Jane Tu Ya Jane Na on the Nach Grand Finale.

Report By: Vandana Shukla

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