Life after death of Gungun

Fans of Gungun Uprari aka Jhanvi of Bandhan Saat Janmon Ka a popular TV show were in for a rude shock when an advertisement of her untimely death appeared. Not only her fans but even her relatives and friends, who read the piece, thought that she had passed away in reality Naturally, the promotional activity did not go down well with her parents and other family members.

When contacted Gungun says, “It has been very crazy and yes, my family is quite unhappy over the way the whole thing has been presented by the channel. The ad and the promotion made people believe that I have died in reality.

Although we had seen all the ads and I had informed my family, it was not possible to inform everybody. In the last three days, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

All my friends, relatives and people I know have been constantly calling and sending obituary messages. Thankfully, we don’t have any relatives in Mumbai or else, people would have flocked to our house.”

Meanwhile, Ashwini Yardi, programming head of the offending channel, says, “It has become crazy with people calling from all over on our board line. We are getting calls from everywhere, especially from Gujarat. People have been sending flowers and garlands and they actually believe that she has died.

I guess our strategy has worked. There have been inquiries if she died on the sets or while shooting. They have been queries of how the accident took place.”

Yardi, who seems to think that any publicity is good publicity further adds, “My team has told me that even her family has been flooded with calls. We had informed them much in advance and taken an approval from them about the publicity strategy.”

Report By: Kunal M Shah


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