Ekta sacked 35 employees from Balaji Telefilms

With recession affecting everyone, our soap queen Ekta Kapoor is no exception. Ekta has sacked 35 employees from Balaji Telefilms. A disheartened Vinayak Jain, who was the Senior Executive Producer and the Production Head, handling Kasamh Se and Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, says, “I have been working with Balaji since last August. Recently, on Jan 2, I was summoned to office, along with some other employees. Most of them were at a senior position. On that fateful day, we were simply asked not to report to work from the following day. That was it. No notice, not even one month’s salary given.

We did manage to have a few meetings with Mr Saket Sahani who is the general manager of Balaji, but there is no outcome. In fact, he abused us and asked us not to show them our faces again.”

Reasoning why they have been sacked, Vinayak adds, “Ekta’s shows aren’t doing too well and she’s probably running out of money. I know it is a bad situation, but it was us who have spent days shooting her daily serials. This is terrible because most of the employees sacked have families depending solely on them financially. They are now jobless.”

However, Saket Sahani denies the story saying, “We haven’t sacked anybody. Everything is fine here.”

When we spoke to Ekta, all she had to say was, “Write whatever you want, but beware of legal issues. Our new management has a legal and a Public Relations team. They will tell you about this. I have sacked no one and will not give you a quote on this topic.”

She directed us to CEO Punnet Kinra, who said, “We haven’t fired anyone.”

Recently a number of senior management people at Balaji, like Nivedita Basu, Vikas and Suraj Rao have quit. There is a completely new management at Balaji now. Meanwhile, Balaji’s biggest shows like Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi are already off air. Kahaani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki, on which she has spent a huge amount of money, is running only in repeats.

Report By: Runna Ashish Bhutda

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