Tandoori Chicken stalled shooting for four hours

Sharad Kelkar who played Nahar in Saat Phere is believed to have stalled the filming for his serial Saat Phere recently – all because he did not get Tandoori Chicken. The actor wanted to have chicken to look fit in one of the sequence where he was shown bare but a source from the production house says that when the staff couldn’t give him the chicken, he stalled the shooting for four hours. But Sharad has a different version to give. The actor who was celebrating New Year eve in Goa says, “I have re entered in the show as Mahant – he is a sanyasi and so they were planning new look for me in this show. We went to Wai to shoot this sequence in last month. Wai is quite a famous place. It was my first shot as a Mahant and since I am sanyasi I had to shoot bare bodied.”

“I am on diet from many days and I wanted to look fit in that scene so I told my production people that I want to have Tandoori Chicken and shall I ask my driver to get it for me? So they stopped me and told me that they will provide it to me. I waited for two hours but they could not get it for me so I had whatever fruits I carry with me and gave that shot.”

“Secondly the shooting was not stopped because of food. Actually what happened is that it was my first day of shoot and they had given me one wig which was of bad quality. They should have realized that if they are shooting outdoor then they should have carried all the stuff – you can confirm this from my make up person also. They provided me with a wig which was originally red colour and they have put black colour over that so it was spoiling my make up. Therefore it took two hours to get ready,” he adds.

The actor says he is very upset with this kind of rumour. He feels it reflects badly on him.

“I am a professional actor and work comes first for me rather than food or anything. I am working hard for it. From the past three years I have been hearing all these things and I also know who spreads such rumours. But I have become habitual to it,” he says.

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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