Blood, Sweat and Tears for Amit Dua

Amit Dua has been having a tough time filming for his show Raja ki Aayegi Baraat. The actor has injured himself many times while shooting for different sequences on the sets.
“Raja ko maine bahot khoon diya hai,” laughs Amit, “Yeh sab choti choti baatein toh shooting ke dauran hoti hi rehti hai, inse apna kaam nahi rukna chahiye. I don’t believe in doctors and try to take little care myself and continue with my work.” Dua hasn’t been injured just once or twice. The actor has found himself at the receiving end on four occasions on.

Painful Welcome: Right on my second day…when I had entered as Raja there was a sequence where I had to ride on a horse and come out of the haveli. When we were shooting the scene, the horse lost its balance and slipped on the road and as a result even I fell down!

Lightening Strikes: Last year in March when we were shooting for an outdoor shoot in Film City, the light stand suddenly fell on me! My right leg got severely injured as got a one and a half foot cut on my leg and it started bleeding badly.

Playing with Fire: Three months after the previous incident, we were shooting for a long sequence where I (Rudra) would go for shikaar and then be caught by some tribal people. These tribals were to hang Rudra above a lit fire. But I don’t know what happened and I got so close to it that it burnt my back and made it completely red!

Chased by a Bull: This happened recently when I was shooting in Film City. A bull was supposed to chase Rudra. Unfortunately this bull got out of control and hit me twice on my back. As a result I got a severe muscle pull and couldn’t even walk. I survived on pain killers for a long time.

Well, here’s hoping that somehow Amit is able to break this spell of injuries!

Report By: Vandana Shukla

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