Naveen Saini fractures his hand during filming

Naveen Saini who plays Vineet in Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai has broken his right hand. The actor got a hair line fracture and tore his ligament while jumping from a wall in one of the sequences. But that hasn’t stopped the actor from shooting for his serial.“It happened last week. We were shooting for the sequence where Malti asks me to jump from a wall and enter the house like Ranbir came to meet Ragini. So I climbed the wall and when I tried to jump, I fell down. I was unconscious for some time and they had to splash some water on my face,” says Naveen.

“For the next two days I ignored it as there was a busy schedule. When I realized that it is not manageable then I had no choice but to go see my doctor. He told me to go for x-ray and reports showed a hairline fracture near my elbow,” he adds.

The actor’s hand is now in a plaster and despite being in pain, he is still shooting for Bidaai. “For continuity and since we have an hour’s worth of content to telecast I have to continue shooting. Doctors have said that it will take some time to recover. My bandage will be on for at least 3 weeks,” Naveen says.

Having hurt his right hand, things must be quite difficult to manage with his left hand?

“I got married last month…so at home meri biwi meri seva karti hai and on the sets the costumewala, make up and spot boys are there so it is not that difficult manage with left hand. But for first two days I had to sign on cheques with left hand and they bounced back as the signature was not proper. But now I have learnt how to sign with my left hand also!” he says with a smile.

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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