Shah Rukh Shoots at Gateway of India…

Although 53 days have passed since 26/11, our Gateway is still considered vulnerable. Shah Rukh Khan has been denied permission to shoot the title song of his new television series Ghar Ki Baat Hai at Gateway.So SRK’s production house Red Chilies Idiot Box shot the song at Aksa beach instead.Bhavna Sresth, Head-Television, Red Chilies Idiot Box said, “Mumbai and Gateway go hand-in-hand. The three protagonists’ story is based on and around Mumbai.It’s the whole city thing that we wanted to capture. However, after the unfortunate 26/11 incident we could not shoot there. It is a sentimental thing. We too are a part of the city and understand that it was a serious issue.”

Ghar Ki Baat Hai is a tribute to Yeh Jo Hai Jindagi, the famous show of the 1980s.
The show marks the television debut of actress Juhi Babbar along with TV veterans Sumeet Raghavan, Swapnil Joshi, Ali Asgar, Jayati Bhatia and Deven Munjal.

Aziz Mirza is the supervising creative director and Anant Mahadevan, the director. The title song has been sung by Sukhvinder Singh.

Report By: Kunal M Shah

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