The Real Hit man

Often, real life incidents turn out to have far more masala value than a soap opera. Recently, Ajaz Khan who plays Tej in Rahe Tera Ashirwad slapped Varun Babbar who is the supervising producer of the show. Incidentally, Ajaz also plays Dusshasan in Ekta Kapoor’s Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki.Our source from the sets of the show said, “Varun asked Ajaz to report to the sets at 7 am even though it was a 9 am shift.Things took an ugly turn when Ajaz was asked to fill in the attendance register and the actor told Varun that he would fill in the details while sitting in his van just like the other actors do.

For some reason, they started arguing and Ajaz suddenly slapped Varun. The fight only stopped when other actors present on the sets intervened.”

While Ajaz didn’t deny the fight, he denied that he slapped Varun. “Varun and I did have a heated argument but I did not slap him. I only told Varun that I had some issues regarding the way my character was shaping up. However, Varun started misbehaving and talking rudely, which further angered me.”

Kinnari Mehta, producer of the show, seemed unaware of the incident. “I don’t think that anything like this happened otherwise someone from the sets would have surely informed me,” she said. Varun Babbar, supervising producer of the show, too seconded what Ajaz said. “It was a heated argument.

No one raised their hand on anybody,” he said.

However, our source insists that Ajaz did raise his hand on Varun. It’s a different matter that the incident is being hushed up now. Talk about not wanting to wash dirty linen in public.


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