Romit Raj injured

Romit Raj who plays Yuvraaj in Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan has injured his leg while rehearsing for the upcoming Platinum Awards. The actor was to open the proceedings. “I was going to be a part of the opening act. However while I was practicing I fell down and injured my leg. I have sprained my ankle and my back is hurting a lot too,” informs Rohit who is now nursing his injury.The injury has now forced Romit to pull out of the awards ceremony scheduled for the weekend in Dubai.“So now I have backed out of the performance due to my leg. Now I will I guess only attend the ceremony if I will get a time to go there,” says the actor.

“I had knee problem in the past also. I was still on medication for it. I am taking pain killers also but still cannot move around or bend down properly. I got a jolt while rehearsing and it was very severe,” he adds.

Romit who is shooting for two dailies says despite being hurt quite badly, he has to still report to work.

“I cannot take a leave as right now in both the shows important tracks are going on. So during the shoot I go in my room and take a quick nap. It does help me,” he says.

Romit has got nomination for the best actor at the Platinum Awards.

”I think awards do not give you recognition. It is the appreciation and love of your fans. Moreover I will give the entire credit for my nomination to both my units. According to me no actor is bigger than his show. However awards are not that important for me,” he says matter of fact.

Lastly talking about his track in both the shows he says,”In Betiyaan I’m fooling my family and helping Kajri and in Maayka I will come out of the ICU soon.”

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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