Shilpa Anand gets candid about her lover

Not many people know that actress Shilpa Anand has been in a relationship for quite a few years now. Normally known to keep her personal life, Anand lets her guard down and tells us about her special someone. “His name is Parikshit Sial and is not from the world of entertainment. In fact he is from the shipping industry,” says Shilpa.So how did you meet him?
“I met him in a gym about 8-9 years back. Parikshit approached me first and we became good friends. Soon after he proposed to me and my reaction was ‘How is that possible? We have just met!’ He was pretty fine with the idea we turned to good friends,” recollects Shilpa.

After 3 years of close friendship, the duo realized that they were infact very compatible. Some time later both of them approached their parents and informed them too about it.

To the actress’ surprise they had no issues. “My parents really like Parikshit. In fact my mom is very comfortable with him,” she says.

Like every birthday, Shilpa celebrated her birthday this year too with her friends and her beau who took her out for dinner to bring in her birthday. “Parikshit gifted me a Toy Poodle on my 24th birthday which is very precious to me” quotes Anand.

And when are they planning to tie the knot?

“Not now. May be after 2-3 years. Presently we both are concentrating on our careers. There is no pressure from our families too so marriage is not happening now,” she signs off.

Report By: Vandana Shukla

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