Fire breaks out at Jaipan Studio

A major fire broke out at Jaipan Studio today, 1st December which created bedlam throughout the place. Luckily, no person has been harmed though there has been extensive damage to property.According to a source, the incident took place at around 12 in the noon at Jaipan Studio (a Mona Kapoor Studio) which is next to Future Studio where 3-4 shoots were going on. These include Ghar Ek Sapna (Sahara), DD shows and some others. The fire initially broke out on the ground floor and gradually rose to rest of the floors.”I saw a major fire while I was talking to someone over the phone. On the ground floor, there’s a storeroom and a big mixer production factory. Jaipan Studio is on the 1st and the 2nd floor. The fire started from the ground floor and slowly started spreading to the other floors,” informs an eyewitness.

As soon as the fire was noticed, the immediate action was to remove all the vehicles in order to vacate the place for the fire brigade vans. Soon after this, water was splashed through the entire place till the fire brigade arrived. It took more than 3 hours to extinguish the fire completely.

The probable reason for the outburst is estimated to be a cylinder blast or the bursting of AC compressors. When asked about the losses, our source says “The entire Jaipan factory has turned to ashes so a loss of minimum 40-50 lakhs rupees is expected. Apart from that ‘Bollywood House’ which is on the 1st floor has also got completely blistered; most of the costumes and the sets are burnt; so the losses are colossal… but nobody has got burnt or hurt as such”.

Another group of people was shooting at Future Studios which is just next to Jaipan. Here the shoot of a popular daily on Zee called ‘Rakhi’ was going on and this incident created mayhem there as well. “We were shooting for a very important sequence today: bhaiya ke chhote bhai ka birthday celebration tha. We had decorated the sets and it was a major shoot but unfortunately we had to wind it up because of the fire,” informs Munjeet, a guy from the production.

Report By: Vandana Shukla

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