The man in Dr. Ridhima’s life

The sweet and simple Dr. Ridhima of Dill Mill Gayye aka Sukriti Khandpal has a man in her life. She is in a committed relationship since three years.A source informs, “She is dating a hotelier. His name is still under wraps but news has it that Sukriti is seeing him since the past three years. She had met him when she was in college.Due to his hotel business, he keeps shuffling between Mumbai and London.The two of them are completely smitten by each other and in spite of being busy with their respective professions they manage to find time for each other. Incidentally, Sukriti’s father who is a High Court lawyer has also recently turned a hotelier.”

Talking of the man in her life Sukriti informs, “Yes, I have someone in my life but I wouldn’t like to name him or talk much about him.” Are your parents aware of your relationship? She replies, “My mother knows about it and I think my father has some clue that I am seeing someone.” So, is marriage on the cards? She quips, “I am only twenty one years old. I have not yet thought of getting married. Why are you asking me about marriage? It is a far off thing. Do you want me to get married and leave acting?”

On asking her about the way she is spending her free time due to the strike, she says, “Now that I have got a break from work I am using this opportunity to spend some quality time with my boyfriend and family members. I have been neglecting my family since a long time.”

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