Smritis Waaris to wind up

After Pariwaar, now Waaris on Zee TV will go off air just after 3 months of its start. The show never had more than a lukewarm response despite having a story line that ran different from the usual soaps.A source said the channel was pulling the plug because the serial wasn’t going in the desired direction. Another reason cited was that the production house – owned by Smriti Irani – had sacked the channel favourite Yuvraj Malhotra from the show.Ajay Balwankar, Zee TV’s programming head said: “Waaris was an experiment, it could not get a good response from the viewers and will be called off soon”.

Shilpa Shinde, who plays the lead on the show was unaware of the show’s impending demise. “It’s been doing pretty well… we’ve not been told anything of the sort by the channel or the production house,” she said.

Iqbal Khan, the lead actor, seconded that and said that the “excellent story line” of the show went in favour of it. The story line is lifted from Sarkar Raj, so could the failure of the movie be echoed in the failure of the serial?

“No, absolutely not!” he said, “they’re both entirely different.”

How the show will end is still to be decided. Some episodes are yet to be shot. For the moment, given the strike in Bollywood, all channels are running old episodes. Sources said the date of the final episode was not yet fixed but would be once the strike ended.

The story was based on the life of a don who is in search of his true ‘waaris’, as he wants his son to grow his criminal career further.

Report By: Vandana Shukla

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