Sambhavna, Payal return to Bigg Boss 2

Bigg Boss 2 has been full of expecting the unexpected. In yet another unexpected turn of events, evictees Sambhavna Seth and Payal Rohatgi are returning to Bigg Boss 2. But the big question that begs is that are these girls going to be part of the competition?We contacted Sambhavna but it was a certain Mary who received the phone and replied, “Madame is not there in the house. She’s said that she’s going to the Bigg Boss house and will return after 10 days.”
With that being the case, what’s the purpose of Sambhavna going back? To this Mary replied, “Well, Madame has gone to add masala which has been missing ever since she was evicted. As a viewer, I too am looking forward to having her back on the show.”

Payal Rohtagi’s mother confirmed that her daughter has left for the Bigg Boss house but was clueless as to how long she’d be there.

We tried getting a quote from Colors programming head Ashwini Yardi but the only word that came out from the channel, through their publicist, was for us to watch the show tonight.

There’s no love lost between Sambhavna and Payal. The duo never missed an opportunity to nail each other. Tempers flared up when Payal referred to Sambhavna as down market which evoked a volatile reaction from the latter. Payal will not only be confronting Sambhavna but she certainly will like to seek some answers from best pal Rahul Mahajan over his obvious affection for Monica Bedi.

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