Raja Chaudhary at it again

Raja Chaudhary, always making news for the wrong reasons, raised cain at Sanjay Nirupam’s party on Sunday night. The party was thrown by the politician for all the Bigg Boss inmates and Raja got drunk and racked up a litany of complaints.All this was of course, with an eye to the media waiting for masala.First up was Sambhavna Seth. The item girl, who alternately cosied up to and bad-mouthed Raja in their time together, pretended to be upset over Raja’s alluding that there was something between them.

“Main apne dil pe hath rakh kar kasam khata hoon ke joh kuch bhi mere aur Sambhavna ke bech main BB house main hua galti thi aur kuch nahin.”

This is was Raja said unprompted, to which Sambhavna responded with contempt: ” I never wanted to come in this party because of this guy, he always wants to irritate me.”

With that out of the way, Raja began testing the gathering to see what would get him most publicity. He complained about the music, his fellow inmates, the show and the media.

He was drunk and carried the effects of his reverie overnight. Spoken to on Monday about Sunday night’s behaviour, he only mumbled in incoherence.

Raja has a history of losing it.

His wife actress Shweta Tiwari dumped him after his misbehaviour with her. She filed a police complaint against him as did starlet Dolly Bindra.

Arrested earlier this year for misbehaving and sent for an aocohol test, Raja took his shirt off at the hospital and began raging at the staff. Mercifully, that did not happen on Sunday.

Rerport By: Vandana Shukla and Sonali Joshi

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