Is Rajeshree Thakur leaving television?

Rajeshree Thakur popularly known as Saloni of Saat Phere bid adieu to her show recently. The actress has finally broken her silence about what made her leave her only show. “It was just that I wanted to take a break from the show and I cannot ask them change story for me and that is why I decided to permanently leave the show. My production house also understands and I am happy that they respected my decision. However I am still under a contract and I do not know when my track will get over as we have not figured that out yet,” says Rajeshree.

The initial buzz suggested that Thakur was taking a break due to ill health and that she also wanted to start a family soon.

“This is not true that because of my health I am leaving the show. When you get married then it is quite natural to expand your family. I have also been married for one and half year but I am not pregnant right now I do not know when it will happen but it will surely take place,” says Rajeshree.

So what is she is planning after taking a break?

“I do not know whether I will come back in the show or not. I just want to complete whatever is left now in the show. I will go for holidays immediately after I finish with work. There are lots of place in India which I have not seen as yet and I surely want to visit them first,” says the actress.

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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