Blackout continues on telly

Eager to get back to your serials? Hold that thought. And start praying that the strike in the television industry ends this week. There is chance that it well may not.No serials are being shot till the strike is resolved and all channels are showing reruns even at prime time.Executives at Star and Sony said they were hoping the strike would end sometime this week which would enable them to start canning new episodes even if that meant working over the weekend.“This week also we will be showing reruns and we do not have any fresh episodes at hand,” a source said, “Reality shows are also on hold. We shoot episodes for the weekend early on in the week but that seems unlikely to happen this week.”

Channels have not been given any episodes because of a dispute between production houses – who make the serials – and their junior employees, who are seeking a raise.

Abdul Karim, executive producer of Sphere’s Origin said: ”The issue remains unresolved despite our meetings with the workers’ unions and channels. We weren’t able to come to a compromise.”

Asked if he thought matters might be resolved this week, he said: “Hopefully things should be sorted out in a day or two. We’ve scheduled another meeting and think we should come to a decision then.”

Meanwhile actors who after working 6-hour weeks have suddenly been confronted with no work at all, are taking it easy, but also getting tired of doing nothing.

Parul Chauhan, who plays Ragini in Bidaai said: “I spent last week in bed with a fever. This week I’ve recovered and want to go back to work. I’m really missing it and the minute the strike ends, I’ll be ready to shoot.”

But should the strike not end, Ragini has a plan ready. “I will learn driving, which should take me 10 days I guess,” she said.

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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