Bigg split….

Bigg Boss winner Ashutosh Kaushik’s girlfriend, MTV Roadies 5.0 contestant Sonel Singh, has been avoiding him like plague, ever since he’s been out of the house.Refusing to even talk about Ashu, Sonel says, “My relationship with him is over.I am not his girlfriend anymore. I don’t wish to go public with why we split. And if you still want to know the reason, you better ask Ashu.”The buzz about the break-up is that Sonel has been spreading the word that Ashu does not treat women well and that he has even been violent and abusive with her.When confronted with this, Sonel denies the allegations and says, “I have never bad-mouthed Ashu.”

When we spoke to Ashu, he sounded totally deflated. “I don’t know why Sonel isn’t taking my calls. Things were okay between us when I entered the Bigg Boss house.

I am not sure if the rumours of my link-up with Diana Hayden affected her. I will go to Delhi and try to speak to her.”

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