Bigg Boss housemates flee the house

All the remaining four contestants in the Bigg Boss house – Rahul, Raja, Zulfi and Ashutosh tried to escape from the house on Saturday night at 8 pm. The cameras installed throughout the house and outside it caught the four just as they jumped across the wall of the house. They were immediately caught and sent back in.How does this affect their presence in the house and will they eliminate all of them, the CEO of Endemol, Deepak Dhar, gave us the details.”It has happened thrice in Big Brother so we are going to discuss with our senior international crew what kind of punishment they have given those contestants. We will also discuss with our team of doctors and psychologists over here and then we will come up with the kind punishment we can give them,” says Deepak.

But how did something like this only get caught after the four men jumped out of the house and not before?

“Our cameras were watching them but since no crew is allowed to go inside the house we could not stop them from jumping out of the house. However as soon as they jumped outside our crew caught them and sent them back inside. We are going to show this in Monday’s episode. They were bored with each other after having spent 90 days inside so it was quite normal that they wanted to try something different,” says Dhar.

Another buzz doing the rounds is that the four of them also went to a local market to have food as they were hungry and nobody was there to prepare food for them. However, Deepak Dhar refused to comment on that.

The finale of the show will take place on Friday next week and with the show in its final stage one has to wonder whether this is a publicity stunt by the producers and the channel or are the contestants so fed up with one another that they couldn’t manage another five days?

Report By: Sonali Joshi

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