Angad to return in Maayka

Angad (Indraneil) will return soon to Maayka to ruin Maahi’s life, while Jeet’s buaji will make Soni’s life a mess in the serial.Creative Director Sangha Mitra confirms the news saying, “One track would focus on Maahi’s where Angad would come back again to ruin her life and on the other hand Soni will be troubled by Jeet’s buaji,” said the show’s creative directer Sangha Mitra, “and we will focus on both tracks simultaneously.”Indraneil of Angad fame has just been made aware that his character would be returning. “I was out of town and I have just been told that Angad will be back,” he said, “but I do not know how.” What he did know was that it would happen in the next week.

Neha Baam aka Maahi said: “Angad’s re-entry will be a very good twist in the story”.

Shabd had thrashed Angad very severely after which he vanished from the picture for few days. “Angad always wanted to marry Maahi. Shabd had hurt him badly but he’s out of danger. Now his lust for Maahi would make him to get her in his own way”, says Sangha.

About Soni’s track, she said: “Bua ji believes that something bad has happened and she’s strictly against Soni and Jeet’s marriage. She will trouble Soni badly”.

Shilpa Shinde who plays the character of Soni says, “Jeet has got married to Soni, which is not liked by buaji. How she makes Soni’s life miserable would be worth watching”.

Report by :Vandana Shukla

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