Chang & Deepali together again with ‘Rubaru’

Indian Idol 4 will have an episode called ‘rubaru’ every Thursday.It will be hosted by Chang and Deepali, the duo that also hosted the audition episodes.A well placed source from the show informed, “The ‘rubaru’ episodes will have anecdotes from behind the scenes of Indian Idol 4. Every interesting action taking place back stage like practice sessions, conflicts, etc will be captured in these episodes. It will telecast every Thursday at 7.30 pm from October 23. The shoot for this episode has started today.”Founder-chief creative officer of Miditech Niret Alva says, “Such an episode has been an integral part of the last seasons of Indian Idol as well. It has always proved to do well. The competition in the show is really intense, so ‘rubaru’ episodes can bring light heartedness to the show. There is a lot of stress as eliminations happen every week.

It will give the audience a break from all the seriousness in the competition. It is more fun to watch this episode as the viewers will get to know the contestants better. Also, everything can’t be covered in other episodes due to constraint of time. Such things are included in ‘rubaru episodes’.”

Going by the success of the jodi they will definitely continue to appeal to viewers.

Report By: Anjum Farooki

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