Unceremoniously evicted from his house too

Payal Rohatgi is no longer staying in ‘good friend’ Rahul Mahajan’s house in Sukhda building at Worli. Buzz is that Rahul’s family has shown her the door.Mumbai Mirror was the first to tell you that after her exit from the Bigg Boss house, Payal headed straight to Sukhda. A resident of Sukhda in Worli, on condition of anonymity, had told us, “Ever since she was evicted from the show, Payal Rohatgi has been staying in Rahul’s flat (number 1702) in our building.”

When contacted, Rahul’s sister, Poonam Mahajan Rao, said simply, “No comments.”

But Payal denied it and said, “I was not staying at Rahul’s house. I was staying with a friend and then at a five star hotel.”

However our source close to the Bigg Boss show said, “Right from the day Bigg Boss went on air, there were whispers that Payal madam ka boriya bistar baandh diya gaya hai and she is no more welcome in Rahul’s house in Sukhda.”

So what is Payal’s new abode? Payal now lives in her two bedroom, Yari Road flat, Sameer, which bears the nameplate ‘Gaurav Rohatgi’ who is her brother. Payal confirmed this, “Yes, now I am staying in a flat which is jointly owned by me and my brother in the building Sameer.”

However a visit to her building revealed that Payal had shifted into it only seven-eight days back. The watchman on duty said, “This flat was under renovation since two years. Payal used to come in sometimes to check the developments. Rahul, accompanied by his bodyguards, also came with her twice. Rahul and Payal came in the same car.”

Payal, though, maintained that, “Rahul and I are great friends. We are not romantically involved. All is well between us.”

Of late, Rahul Mahajan has been displaying a soft corner for Monica Bedi in the Bigg Boss house.

Report By: Vickey Lalwani

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