Producers stop TV shoots

Producers of television shows have decided to stop shootings till a clear understanding is reached between the workers and producers. The decision to stop work came after the core committee of the producers’ bodies met last evening. The core committee warned member producers of strict disciplinary action if they did not comply with the directive.

It may be recalled that over 1 lakh workers including actors, technicians, dancers, camera operators went on an indefinite strike in October against low wages and long working hours. They also demanded that non-members of worker’s unions should not be employed.

Now the FWICE has alleged that even after signing a MoU producers have failed to pay workers on time. On the other hand producers allege that workers stop shooting without prior notice. Late Tuesday evening FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees) stopped shootings of about 17 television serials.

Producer Dheeraj Kumar says,” The issue is the same as last time but only this time the protest is by the producers. We producers are also workers or in other terms service providers and we too want a healthy working environment. The only thing that I want to say is that the demands have to be logical and we agree to move two steps forward then even the association should take a wise step by taking a step backward. We have decided to halt the shoot as we are suffering because of the daily intervention of the members of association and they even beat the people present on the sets.

We have signed a bond but that is still subject to confirmation by the broadcasters as they are the ones who have the intellectual property rights of the products we make for them right from the beginning. Having said that, the broadcasters provide us funds and are not the financers and producers can’t pass on the burden entirely on them. So I think the broadcasters, producers and the FWICE should sit and come to a conclusion amicably.”

Until then this may be a dull Diwali.

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