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Nupur Alankar who plays Halki in Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyaan (Zee TV) is having some serious domestic trouble. Her husband Alankar Shrivastava wants a baby but she is not yet ready to have one. The couple has been having heated arguments over the issue for the past few months. Unable to understand why Nupur doesn’t want a baby, Alankar walked out on her one morning and did not return home. He has even stopped taking Nupur’s calls now. Our source, close to the couple, says, “He knew from the beginning that Nupur was not too keen on having babies. But they have been married for six years and one can understand his point of view. Alankar always felt that Nupur would come around but right now Nupur is completely focussed on her work.”

Says a source, “Nupur is not entirely wrong. Children should be birthed by choice, not by force. She has to be mentally ready for motherhood.” Alankar is now staying with his sister in Oshiwara and Nupur is living in their flat in Goregaon.

When we contacted Alankar, he initially tried to avoid the issue, but later confirmed the story and said, “It’s not so serious. My sister has been alone for a few days and I am giving her company.” However, he added, “Mamla thoda naram garam zaroor hai (It’s a sensitive issue). There is an issue. Any man who is married would want a child. Nupur says she is too busy with work. I am definitely upset with her. But I must tell you that her family also understands my perspective and is on my side.”

Nupur too confirmed the news and said, “Yes, this is true. But I don’t want to bring a child into the world who would later find out that his/her mother never wanted him/her. Alankar is pushing me into it because his family is pressurising him to have a baby. But I don’t want to talk about it any more. It’s a very sensitive issue.”

Report By:Vickey Lalwani


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