I don’t want to cry anymore- Deepti Devi Singh

The leading face of Zee’s Parivar, Radha aka Deepti Devi Singh is fed up of crying on TV. The actress now wants to try her hand at reality shows and comedy.“I don’t want any rona-dhona now. I’m completely done with it and will never regret that I’ve not cried,” says Deepti.Deepti began her acting career on stage. “Being a theatre artist I’ve faired pretty well on television. But now somewhere down the line I feel these people are restricting my acting capabilities. I want to portray various emotions like romance, comedy but it doesn’t seem to happen.”“I feel I have started forgetting those other emotions as day in and day out for so many hours I only cry. Whilst the others in the show laugh, dance and enjoy but for me as Radha I have to be sad and tragic,” she adds further.

Deepti has a passion for dance. “I really want to show my talent as a dancer too and thus I also looking out for a dance reality show. When I see others in the serial dancing I feel like doing the same but my character doesn’t permit me,” she quips.

Talking about how the show is faring Deepti explains, “The show is doing well and it’s just because of Radha and her journey. I’m happy playing the lead but still feel that there is not enough publicity given to me.”

“I work as hard as the other actresses do whose shows are on prime time. They are more famous than what I am and this disturbs me a lot. I feel that we have lacked in doing the publicity though without that also the show is doing well. But there is a real need for it,” she chirps.

Are you not happy with the show? “I’m happy as it has given me fame to some extent and I feel it’s my baby but there should be more to what I have achieved till now.”

Deepti feels things are getting monotonous and wants to be part of more exciting ventures. “It has become a bit droning and I’m also looking out for other ventures. For now I know one thing that till Parivar is on air, I’ll be a part of it. Once it is over I would like to essay the role of a youth or something where I can experiment,” she concludes.

Looks like as of now Deepti will have to continue using the glycerine!

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