Change in format irks Sa Re.. contestants

The mentors deemed it fit to change the format but they failed to gauge its possible consequences. Four eliminations a week is likely to cause heart break for a few. Two such contestants Manisha Karmakar and Janice Sobti have hit out against the change in format in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009.“Had the format not been changed, probably I would have got another chance to prove myself,” says an infuriated Manisha Karmakar who locked herself in a room after getting eliminated. Same is the case with Jenice Sobti from Goa who cried inconsolably on being eliminated and pleaded for a second chance.

Some of them had to be specially pacified by their respective mentors and the Zee officials. A mentor, on condition of anonymity says, “Kids today are so competition driven that they just cannot take failure in their stride. They think getting eliminated means the end of the world. They need to know that this is just the beginning and they have a long way to go.”

Report By :Tellychakkar team

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