Sara Khan hospitalized

Sara Khan who plays Sadhna in Bidaai was hospitalized for four days because of viral fever. Sara is back home and recovering, her beau Ali Merchant told us. “She had high viral fever and it was not decreasing at all. So we had to admit her,” Ali said, “the doctor was worried she might have dengue. But finally that turned out not to be the case, and after a treatment she recovered.””Sara came home two days ago and she was in Saraswati Hospital at Kandivali (Mumbai),” Ali said, “we admitted her there because it was close to my location and I could go there between shoots.”After work, loving Ali would spent the night next to his ailing girlfriend. “I used to stay there with her at night. My friend was doctor over there, so I was quite relaxed about it.”

Ali said he was alone in caring for her, but he did not want for support. “Sara’s parents who live in Lucknow wanted to come here but I assured them that I would take care of her very well, and then they decided not to come,” Ali said, “They are keeping the Ramzan fast and it would have been stressful for them to come down. In any case my family is there to take care of Sara. We took her to my place when she was discharged from hospital. My mother’s parlour is in the same building so she’s being cared for quite well.”The fever broke over the weekend.

“Now she is on medication, doctors have advised her to take rest,” Ali said. The punishing pace at which TV stars work was revealed by what he added: “Because she was in hospital she had to take leave of 5-6 days.

Her director gave her that concession but she is doing a daily so we cannot ask for more. Now she has to shoot for her show. She shoots only for 5 hours now.”

The reason for her fever, Ali said, was “excessive day and night shifts and no rest.”

Recently Ali gifted Sara a white SX4 for her birthday replacing her Swift. We wish Sara a speedy recovery.

Report by:Sonali Joshi

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