Parul’s Ramzan fast for Sara

Sadhna (Sara Khan) and Ragini (Parul Chauhan) of Bidaai (STAR Plus) are good on-screen as well as off-screen friends… so close that Parul is fasting with Sarah through the entire month of Ramzan this year.Parul says she was moved to doing this when Sara spoke to her about her discipline.“When Sara told me about Ramzan and how the fast was meant to be kept through the whole day and broken only in the evening after reading Namaz, I decided that I will do it this time with her”, says Parul.She normally keeps Navratri fasts every year, and so this year will have two long fasts to keep.

“Parul was very excited right from the beginning when I told her about Ramzan and she decided to fast with me, she is so sweet,” says Sara,”she’s keeping the fast just for me.”

The girls had a late night shift recently when both were shooting for a Navratri Garba sequence, how did they manage to shoot? “We read the Namaz in the evening, broke our fast, and then shot through the whole night,” says Parul, “then early in the morning, we
removed all our make-up, read Namaz at 5am and got back to our work.”

And the unrelenting pace took its toll that day, says Sara: “We discovered that while shooting for this sequence, both of us fainted on the sets.”

Parul explained how. “It happened because of a dance step where four of us were supposed to hold hands and go round and round… Sara and I lost consciousness and the shoot was held for about half an hour.”

Sara has had other health problems too, including spending a few days in hospital this month because of a viral infection. But she says that it’s unrelated to the fasting. “I’ve been fasting many years now and I don’t have a problem eating only one meal a day, in the evening.”

Eid is expected to fall on the 2nd (the crescent moon must be sighted first) and Navratri begins this week so for Parul it’s going to be two fasts strung together.

“It’ll be difficult this year,” she admits, “but I’ll still try.” And so will Sara keep her friend company just as she did? She is emphatic: “Obviously!!! When she can fast for me, why can’t I do it for her?” was her answer for buddy Parul.

Right now, the girls are trying to figure out how they will get the time to celebrate Eid as they’ve to shoot for another dance sequence again the very next day.

Report by:Vandana Shukla

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