Parul overwhelmed by Bidaai success

Two weeks back Bidaai team celebrated its success party. Parul Chauhan, better known as Ragini of Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, tells us more. “It is great that we are the number one show. We are also happy that we have completed a year. We never thought that the show will reach this position,” she says.How has the show’s success changed her life? “I have never changed. I am the same from day one. I am as simple as I was .Success has not gone to my head at all. The only thing that has changed is that people now recognize wherever I go and behave nicely with me. I feel very good to receive such reactions and support from them.”

On the recent controversies surrounding her, she clarifies, “When any show becomes successful people like to get attached to it some way or the other. Then they start talking false things but we do not get affected by this. Let them say whatever they want to. It is obvious when you become famous there are few good things about you but it is the bad things that get published. You should just ignore it.”

Few weeks ago, Ekta Kapoor alleged that Parul and Sara Khan were using her name for publicity.

Meanwhile Parul had a surprisingly pleasant experience when Shah Rukh Khan met her in Filmcity and even recognized her. He stopped his car and chatted with her.

Report By:Sonali Joshi

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