Manish Goel performs with dislocated hand

The upcoming episode of Zara Nach Ke Dikha on Star One saw an amazing performance by Manish Goel and Delnaaz Paul. Though Manish was in pain it did not affect their feat. “Manish Goel dislocated his arm while rehearsing for an act for an upcoming episode which he was supposed to do with Delnaaz Paul in ‘Hum Tum’ round. While doing a head stand he lost his balance and fell on his left arm,” says our khabroo.He had to be rushed to the hospital in urgency. “By the time we took him to the hospital his hand was in a bad shape, he could not move it. But he got up again with his never say die attitude and started with his rehearsals to perform again. He matched steps with Delnaaz on the same song “Jai Jai Shiv Shankar” with equal vigor and energy,” adds the source.

The judges were very happy with their performance and Malaika even commented that if they had a bravery award in this show to give, then it would have gone to Manish for his will power and determination.

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