Manish Goel dislocates his shoulder

One of the strongest contenders of Zara Nachke Dikha, Manish Goel, has dislocated his shoulder on the sets of ZND. However, the actor is yet to keen to go ahead with his performance for the finale. Manish tells us what caused the injury. “It was a very unfortunate disaster… Last week while practicing with Delnaz, I had to bend on my hand and as a result all my body went on to my right hand… and while executing the step, i landed on my shoulder thereby dislocating it. The worst thing was that there was no one there but Delnaz and Rupali. It took half an hour to get to the nearest doctor… I am really thankful to them,” says Manish.

Manish is gutted that he won’t be able to dance as per his doctor’s orders. “I think this is really sad but then we can’t control some things.. God only decides it all.. My family doctor has said that I need to rest for three weeks. Before that you can’t move your shoulder and you know dancing can’t happen too.”

With Manish unable to perform, we asked whether he had requested for the extension of the show. “There was argument going on about my replacement because of my injury. But then my entire team supported me. And finally a decision was made that I should be the part of my boys’ team. I strongly feel that there can’t be ca ompetition between seven members in one team and the other having eight. It is complete injustice. And so I will perform as much as I can… let’s see,” says Manish, “I consulted my doctor and took permission to perform further. I am looking forward to my performance.”

Here’s wishing a timely recovery for Manish Goel.

Report by: Randhir Roy

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