Kyunki to make Navratri sizzle

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Thi will make this Navratri memorable with two new tracks in its story. What can be expected from the coming episodes are revelations from Shiv’s past as well as the emergence of Karan’s and Nandini’s long lost son.The show’s script writer, Anil Nagpal, revealed what these were: “We are now focusing on Shiv’s, Ganga’s and Sahil’s track. A twist in the show will appear during Navratri, which is always a big festival for the Virani family. They are going to learn some surprising facts of Shiv’s past – that will be the high point of the show. We will not be focusing on Trupti or Vaidehi for the moment.”

In a bid to make Kyunki even more engaging, the show will soon have another shocker in store. Anil says, “Kyunki now has a lot of competition from other shows so we are going to add more twists to the script. After Shiv’s eye-opener, our new track will introduce Karan’s and Nandini’s vanished son. It is going to add some freshness to the show as we may also bring in a few more new characters during Diwali time.

Other than this, we have enough tracks for the show, so there is no need for any more characters or bringing back any old tracks.” Presently, Shiv helped the Viranis arrest Trupti and the family invited him to stay at their home. But they have no clue that he is Ganga’s ex-lover and his reason for staying is purely to win her back. On the other hand, Karan is suspicious about Nadini, as he suspects she is hiding truth about their son.

Report by:Sonali Joshi

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