Kahaani Romeo aur Juliet Kii

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, one of Balaji’s longest-running and most successful soaps, is coming to a close in October. The replacement for this popular show will be a new show, once again from the Balaji stable. According to sources from Balaji, this yet-untitled soap is an intense love story set in Himachal Pradesh. The source informed, “The new show will be a desi version of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.It will showcase the love story of two youngsters, against the backdrop of a ferocious family feud. The hunt for the lead pair has already begun. Ekta wants the lead pair to infuse freshness into the show, just like Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia did in Raj Kapoor’s Bobby, which was again based on Romeo & Juliet. This passionate love story will be a complete departure from the family show it is replacing.”

When contacted, Ekta said, “We are starting several new shows and to top it, I am managing the film business too. But searching for a suitable replacement for Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii has been tough. Kahaani… ends on the same date that it started, eight years ago October 16. Our new show will air from November 2. In between, we will do a two-week Diwali event.”

Bidding adieu is always difficult. Does Ekta have any regrets about pulling one of her flagship shows off the air? Ekta replied, “I have absolutely no regrets. You have no idea how difficult it is to keep a show running successfully for eight years. It’s better to quit the show at its peak of popularity when your excitement is still palpable, than to carry on the show till you are bored of scripting it.

Abroad, daily soaps are telecast only in the afternoons and not at primetime so that they can go on for 30-40 years even with minuscule ratings. With us in India, it’s different. Kahaani has been at primetime and on top for eight years. So we thought it’s better to end it while it’s doing so well. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi will also get the axe eventually but not immediately.”

Talking about Ekta shows, the buzz is that Ekta’s most ambitious show Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki is getting bad TRPs. Sources attributes the poor show to the lack of eyeballs drawn in by the fledgling channel.

Ekta however denies the happening. She said, “Mahabharat is doing very well for the channel. It’s the number one show on the channel. And we’re going into the next phase of narration. I completely stand by the show. There’s no question of backing out of it.”

Report by: Subhash K Jha

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