Bharat Chawda on his new Kahaani track

Bharat Chawda, who plays Chotu in Kaahani Ghar Ghar Ki, will now be seen in the show in a new look and a positive role.Updating us about the track, he says, “Right now the story is like I am working in a bank and then receive one letter which informs me that Parvati mummy is in trouble. I have to rescue her. Four of us receive this letter at the same time separately. The four of us have not confronted each other. Slowly you will come to know about the origin of the letter.”Talking about his ever changing look, he says, “I am the only member from Balaji whose looks have been changes four times in the last year and a half. When I started Kaahani, I had short curly hair and was playing a mentally ill person. Then Gauri comes in my life and my attitude changes a bit. I was negative in the show and had straight hair. Now I have become positive so my hair has gone. Everyone has liked this new look of mine.”

Bharat says in real life he does not get time to experiment with his style. “I like to concentrate on continuity and if breaks then it shows on screen too. So in real life I did not get a chance to experiment with my look but whenever I get a chance to do so in my show I try doing it. Therefore people will not get to see Ishaan or Chotu’s glimpses in other shows. Like n Kuch Iss Tarah, I presented myself differently playing a CID officer.”

On the responses he has received so far, he says, “Firstly when I was playing a mad guy everyone used to say ‘dekho woh pagal jaa raha hai’. But it is ok as this is also a kind of recognition. Then I did a negative role and people started hating me. Now I have become positive so I hope now I will get some warm responses too.”

The re- entry of Priya Wal, Jatin Shah and Bharat Chawda is going to take place next week. Few of them right now are shooting in Lonavala for their entry sequence.

Report By:Sonali Joshi

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