Angad changes lives

The lead actor of Bidaai, Angad Hasija was thrilled to see his fan-following in Agra where they were shooting recently. An animated Angad shares his first brush with stardom.“People used to come in hordes and used to scream our names. It was such a high as I have never experienced such a thing ever in my life. They waited for our autographs. I remember there were some people who starting thumping on our vanity-van doors to meet us. They even told the production guys that we have become their idols. We had to ultimately come out and meet them. There was this lady who came to me with her daughter’s proposal. She was insisting on me marrying her so I told her that I am a schizophrenic but she said that she likes me for whatever I am and was adamant that I get married to her daughter.”

“Later in the evening we were invited to a party where I saw a mentally challenged teenaged girl who became visibly excited after seeing me entering the room. May be she could connect with my on-screen character, Alekh. But she kept looking at me. I decided to go upto her and say hello. Her parents then told me that there has been a remarkable improvement in her condition since the time she has started watching me. She was very lethargic with meals but now she eats her meals at regular intervals and drinks orange juice daily as I too drink it in the show. Whatever I have in the show she asks her mother to prepare it the next morning for her.

Just like I do in the show she too has started painting and has also started befriending people. This girl then asked me for an autograph and told me to draw a flower so that it reminds her of me. I eventually started feeling so responsible and happy from inside. It feels great to help someone and I am overwhelmed that I have been given an opportunity to play Alekh which has helped someone get over her shortcomings,” concludes Angad.

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