Sonali Bendre’s Idol talk

Sonali Bendre, who was earlier a judge on Mr. & Mrs. TV with Madhur Bhandarkar will be now judging the hit music reality show Indian Idol 4. And while some might be on shows for money while some for public exposure, the Bollywood actress says her reasons are completely different.”It is not about who is newcomer and all. It is only about talent at the end of the day.

If you have talent then there are always doors for you and here in this show we are going to do that. In fact in Drona also we have given a chance to a new music composer and he has done very nice job. Mr. & Ms. TV were like a driver for Indian Idol for me. I think that show was on air for only nine episodes but the channel was very happy about it. I do not understand any TRP game. They got what they were expecting from the show. So when I thought if I could do that then I can do this too. I work for certain hours of day as I have a small three year old son,” says Sonali.

“Apart from my mother in law is another reason of doing this show. She is the greatest fan of Indian idol. Last year too when Prashant became the winner she watched the entire season and used to update me. So when this show was offered me I had no reason to say no to it,” says the actress adding, “We have selected 30 contestants and now it is our responsibility not to loose out on any amazing talent or eliminate a person who has potential. We have to be careful about that. There have been certain rounds where we had a feeling that they won’t go beyond that round but we want to give them a chance. It is like sometime some people blossom, sometime some don’t. So our duty is to guide the audience as ultimately they will be selecting the winner.”

So what should the singers me doing if they want to impress judge Sonali?

“I will be judging the x-factor in each contestant. I cannot explain what that is… but its just that some people have that charisma in them. Sometime it happens that my co-judges do not like a particular voice but I told them he or she has that appeal in their voice and can we groom their voice,” says Sonali.

Sonali also informs that she is very emotional person and the most difficult part of becoming a judge of any show is to say no to anyone and so she says that thankfully this time she will be giving that job to Annu Malek

Report by:Sonali Joshi

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