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The buzz is that Mommy Mini Mathur will be back as host of Indian Idol, having just delivered a baby girl three weeks ago. We demanded to know if this was true. Q: Mini, we’ve heard that you’re hosting Indian Idol. Is this true? We heard about you will be joining Indian Idol’s this season at later point of time?A: Hmmm… I heard that too… Keep guessing!Q: If you will take up hosting, how are you going to manage your routine with new born?
A: I don’t bite off more than I can chew. I always take up a few exclusive shows at a time so I can be identified with them. I don’t believe in doing everything offered to me. Quality is much more important. To me, a baby means more happiness… nothing else changes.

Q: Alright, but how will you manage your schedule with a second baby?

A: I was told second babies are a breeze. I guess it’s true. She is just 20 days old but I am back up doing things just like before.

Q: How much does Kabir (Khan, her director husband) help you to manage your routine?

A: Unfortunately, this time Kabir is away. He has been in New York since the end of July, shooting his second film for Yashraj after Kabul Express. He came back for just a day, to witness her birth and to collect his national award. He will return only in November.

Q: What name has been chosen for your baby?

A: Her name is Sairah.

Q: Are you planning to resume work full-time?

A: Of course. In a month’s time, I’ll be back in the studios. I have been doing power yoga throughout my pregnancy till the day delivered and I am thrilled that my recovery is so fast this time. My pregnancy weight has almost gone. I hosted Yeh Shaam Mastaani on Sony when I was 6 months pregnant! I am very passionate about my work and will surely continue as long as I want and as long as people want me to host their shows.

Q: With a new season of Indian Idol, do you get nostalgic while watching episodes?

A: I watched the first episode of the new season with the Sony and Miditech team at the launch party. It felt just as great as the other seasons. I did not for a moment feel like I was not part of the audition process. The entire teams from the producers to the contestants, the writers, stylists to the spot boys have kept in touch with me at every stage. There cannot be a bigger reward than that.

Q: What do you miss about Indian Idol? Can you share some memories?

A: Too many to tell you about it, but I love interacting with the participants, I love being part of a dream that belongs to so many Indians. I love the fact that I need to play a different role at different stages of the show.

Q: What do you think about Chang and Deepali as a host?

A: I thought it was a fabulous idea to have them host the auditions this year! I love them both dearly and just can’t be objective about them. I am very proud of their achievements.

Report by:Sonali Joshi

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