Mohit Malik enters Dulhan

The good looking and popular chap who from Pari Hoon Main has gotten his hands full it seems! The man has now entered Banoo Main Teri Dulhann as the character of Parakh Singh, a parallel lead in the show. A completely positive character, he says the role is interestingly carved and will turn out to be a captivating factor in the show with time.Mohit will be seen playing the son of the evil lady Sindoora in the show, emphasizes that he is not even close to a gray shade!

“I a completely positive guy in the show and the story track is going to be very interesting going in the coming days. These days I am completely busy with my two shows and have absolutely no time for anything else whatsoever,” says Mohit.

Well Mohit’s popularity sure seems to be escalating!

Report by:Hill Road Media

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