Jasveer Kaur enjoys dancing

Jasveer Kaur, who plays Pavitra in Ghar Ki Laxmi Betiyaan, has reached the top three of a dance reality show Ek Se Badhkar Ek with Abhishek Awasthi and Kushal Punjabi. But even before this show ends Jasveer has already taken a new reality show Saas Vs Bahu. Jasveer told us about both her reality shows and about her daily soap too.Talking about her dance reality shows, she says: “Dance was always my priority. In fact I wanted to become a dancer and joined the industry only because of that. Now also I just want to go with the flow. My daily soap Betiyaan is also doing well. I will always be known for this show. I am not going leave this show.

“But dance is my first love. I am enjoying Ek Se Bhadkar Ek. I have reached the top three so I think it is a very good opportunity for me to showcase my talent. These reality shows gives us a chance to show our skills which is very important. I am still learning about dance thought I am about to finish one show and start the second.”

Jasveer’s competitor in Saas Vs Bahu is Vaishnavi, who played her saas in her first show. “We are best friends. Though our show got over two years back we were in touch with each other. We used to hang out together and still go to each other’s house. I know she is very talented .On screen we have to show rivalry, but off screen I go to her rehearsals and help her and so does she. It is fun.”

She cheekily adds, “Her first performance was so amazing that I was screaming like anything and next day I got tonsil problems too. I had to take treatment for this. I am really very happy for her .It is going to be a good competition because she is very good.”

Jasveer is pregnant right now in Betiyaan and her husband is not aware about it. She wants this child to have the property.

Report by :Sonali Joshi

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