Divyanka Tripathi suffering from slipped disc

Divyanka Tripathi, who plays Divya in Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, is suffering from a slipped disc. Divyanka told us how the problem originated.”During the Holi sequence in the show I was hurt and my upper back or you can say my shoulder was in deep pain.hat time I could not take any rest as I just came from London and then went to Banaras.I and Sharad had so many major scenes together. So my entire month went like that and my backbone too was in bad condition,” she reveals.”How my upper back pain went to my lower back even I do not know. Doctors too could not diagnose it for a few days but after a few tests they told me that it was a slipped disc. Though my father is a chemist he knows that I’m not in favour of taking allopathic medicines. Sharad’s mother too was telling me that I should go for homeopathy treatment .So my mother and father went to a homeopathic doctor in Bhopal and bought medicines for me which I am taking right now,” she adds.

About her treatment, she adds, “My physiotherapist comes to my place everyday for treatment; she is very supportive and nice. Then I am also taking neurological and acupressure treatment. I cannot change my routine so I get the pain everyday after shooting. During some scenes too I cannot bend my back; I have to bend my knee if I want to pick up something. In between shots I do not get that much time to relax. The doctor has given me some sort of exercises also. Then I have stopped eating soar stuff but sometimes I cannot control and feel cravings for different kind of food.”

On her present state, she says, “It is improving slowly. It really needs rest which is impossible for us. Even when I get a holiday of two days, I have to go out to buy stuff as I live alone over here in Mumbai.”

Divyanka’s friends are also worried about her.” Not only my mother but my friends too ask me for updates about my health. Now I cannot dance. I used to enjoy dancing so much and recently when I went for a party, which was for completion of 500 episodes, everyone was dancing and I was sitting alone. Earlier, I used to be the first member to go on the floor and remain there till the end,” she regrets.

Divyanka also told us that she is very excited about Mohit Mallik’s entry as Sindoora’s son as she knows him well and hopes that it will bring freshness to the show.

Report By:Sonali Joshi

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