Divyanka breaks her silence

The Dulhann ship is showing signs of wreckage. Though it’s still the top rated show on Zee TV, it’s not drawing the TRPs that it once did. A part of this decline has been attributed to the alleged starry attitude of lead actors Sharad Malhotra and Divyanka Tripathy. At least that’s how it appeared in the media.These reports gained weight with one actor hitting out indirectly against Sharad and Divyanka.Amidst all this, both Sharad and Divyanka chose to seal their lips. And when they did, what appeared on television was half-baked. After weeks of maintaining silence, Divyanka has finally come out of her shell to offer her side of the story. The recent events have taken its toll on the actress, who’s once again laid low with a slip- disc. Nevertheless, Divyanka sounded upbeat when we called her.

Firstly, how’s your back now?

It all started with a shoulder injury which later culminated into a slip- disc. Earlier, I was taking physiotherapy but it didn’t help much and often I ended blasting the masseuse. I’ve now switched to acupressure and it’s providing more relief.

Reportedly, you’ve been coming late to the sets and even throwing tantrums.

These reports are all false. It was even reported that I was making use of a dummy. No one bothered to find out the trauma that I was going through.

But it’s alleged that you’ve been giving in less hours of work? Isn’t it true that channel has issued a dictum for all actors to work 12 hours a day?

Jab hum athara ghante kaam kar rahe the toh acche the, (We were considered good when we were working for 18 hours). Now, that we’re working less, have we turned bad?

Apparently, one of your co-actors has hit out against you. But why don’t we see any retaliation from you?

Jisse apni izzat payri hai woh kabhi kuch nahi bole ga (A self-esteemed person wouldn’t never resort to such measures). Those who blabber are the ones who are scared and talk ill of others.

Supposedly, the reincarnation track hasn’t proved all that successful for the shows. The TRPs have dipped. What do you think?

Well, such dips in TRPs are part and parcel of a daily. It’s not the first time that TRPs have dipped. The TRPs weren’t that high when Sagar lost his memory.

It’s also buzzed that Sharad and you could be phased out of the show?

If that’s in the interest of the show then I have no hassles over it. There will be additions of new characters but I have no intentions of quitting the show.

Would be you comfortable if your character is to take a back seat?

Why would I be uncomfortable? In fact, the new characters should be given a grand entry. The question of feeling threatened simply doesn’t arise as I’ve been part of the show since its inception.

How would you react if you’re not part of Dulhaan tomorrow?

I’ve always believed that whatever happens, it happens for good. If I’m not there tomorrow then I’m sure God will present me with something better

Report By: Mayur Lookhar

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