‘USP of the set is the Boys V/s Girls concept’ – Omung Kumar Bhandula

Omung Kumar Bhandula, the master mind behind many a fabulous sets like Saawariya and Black is the owner of Blue Lotus Private Limited. The man who started his career by hosting a game show, ‘Ek Minute’ has also designed innumerable shows on television starting from Nach Baliye to Sanjivini to Comedy Circus, Voice of India, Waar Parivaar, Zara Nachke Dikha, Virrudh, Ramayan, Prithviraj Chauhan , Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and many others to list.His fabulously set-up battleground in Star One’s reality show Zara Nachke Dikha has been appreciated by one and all recently.

“The USP of the show is the concept, the battle of sexes – Boys V/s Girls and if you see, all the sets used here have some symbolic representation, whether it is the girls seated on the left while boys on the right, girls’ side is full of red and the boys have blue all around them. The guys have been shown in boxes and girls in circles. Basically, I came up with as many differences I could to project the difference and make it as the highpoint”, says Omung. Talking about the sets used for Zara Nachke Dikha, he says, “This is the same set I used for Nach Baliye. It is not a big set, but because of its height it looks huge”.

Style coupled with Clarity is the facet of Omung’s sets. “When I design a set, I have the utmost priority that the set needs to be memorable. I also feel that a person should be able to describe the sets to the other person even on phone. So clarity is what I work on”, explains the famous art director and set designer.

Lastly, we ask the man who has worked on masterpieces like Black and Saawariya, what is the marking difference between creating a set for film and television. “Actually, films have always been my forte, and the one marking difference to work on a set on TV and films is that while working for TV, one can change the look but in films, the set has to be the same for life. Once the frame is captured, we have to stick on to it, but in television, we have the liberty to change things here and there!!”, says the man..

Reporter: Binita Ramchandani

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