Malaika thrashes Delnaaz and Rupali

The coming episode of Zara Nach Ke Dikha will have a lot of tears and heavy duty emotions. A furious Malaika thrashes Delnaaz and Rupali for their performance.Every Monday has a special episode called zara hatke. This time the theme of the episode was to convey emotions through a song.”The boys succeeded in this round. Bakhtiyar gained accolades from the audience as well as the judges. As per the theme, Delnaaz and Rupali had to dance and convey their emotions without any song. Rupali and Delnaaz acted as sisters (Rupali being blind), gave a heart wrenching performance but some how they failed to impress Malaika and Chunky,” says our khabroo.

It was Malaika who was more upset than Chunky as she had huge expectations from them. While she appreciated their acting she was disappointed for the lack of dancing steps. In the end, when giving marks she said, “I am highly disappointed by your act. There is no element of dance or say hardly any dance in your entire performance”.

Both of them got really upset and burst into tears as they had put in a lot of hard work for this act.

Report by:Tellychakkar team

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